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V7 II Stornello

More than fifty years after its birth, one of the best known and most successful names ever hung on a motorcycle produced by Moto Guzzi is back, synonym of construction quality, versatility and inimitable style.

The new Stornello stands out with its numerous prestigious Italian made parts and the dedicated selection of color schemes which enhance its charm and elegance. Available in a limited and numbered edition, the V7 II Stornello is the latest representative of Moto Guzzi's exclusive ability to create truly factory specials, with a singular attention to quality and painstaking attention to detail. A true collector's item.

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V7 II Stornello
PRICE: $11,790


The Bike

The year was 1967 when Moto Guzzi introduced the Stornello Scrambler America, a more offroad version created on the technical base of the Stornello, but less specialised than the Regolarità model and therefore intended for a truly varied range of riders. Actually Moto Guzzi had already explored the possibility of creating, based on a street model, a version suited for soft offroad, with the Lodola in 1957, the single cylinder which was also available in the Regolarità version, suited for various destinations with just a few, but select changes, such as the clawed wheels, the flat and long saddle, and the high exhaust closely attached to the vehicle. It was the dawn of a new range of motorcycles that would soon be part of the new scrambler segment. This is further demonstration of how Moto Guzzi, during its long heritage of commercial and sport success which began in 1921, has come through the years without following fashion, often paving the technical and stylistic roads which everyone would soon follow.
So the new Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello was created with the advantage of a solid tradition of more than fifty years to take on the exceptional popular demand for a version of the V7 II with these characteristics. As always, the founding concept was observed: built on the technical base of the iconic and ultra popular V7 II, a model was created suited for riding on any type of terrain, from congested city traffic to a pleasant solo or two-up ride on the roads that bikers love best. The new Stornello completes the already wide range of V7 II motorcycles made up of the Stone, Special and Racer models. The latter provides the exclusivity of being available in a limited and numbered edition of just one thousand units, as well as the rich package of precious parts as standard equipment (all made in Italy), with painstaking attention to detail, also characterised by finishing and colour schemes dedicated exclusively to this model. Stornello is therefore the most recent Moto Guzzi special range, collector's items which are, as always, strictly hand made in the Mandello del Lario plant.
One of the winning characteristics of the V7 has always been the perfect balance between maintaining the typically Moto Guzzi stylistic values with the needs of a modern bike. A dialogue that remains intact on the V7 II Stornello as well. Just like the white/red Stornello 125 Scrambler version in 1972, the colour combination on the V7 II Stornello also plays a key role. Then, like today, the contrast created between the pastel white of the tank and the racing red of the frame, both in glossy finish, manages to strongly characterise the design, as well as enhancing the mechanics of the transversal 90° V twin engine strictly in matte black. The intense red of the frame is clearly revisited both on the tank, trimmed with a typical horizontal stripe in the same colour, with the Eagle from Mandello depicted in it, as well as on the new metallic tubular license plate bracket that uses the already refined V7 II light cluster. The laser inscribed number on the aluminium tag located on the upper part of the headstock identifies the unit number, highlighting its exclusivity.
The standard equipment on the new Stornello is the result of a careful selection of parts in the complete catalogue (the most complete of any motorcycle in this segment) of original Moto Guzzi accessories dedicated to the V7; more than 110 valuable pieces, all specifically approved for the V7, designed and developed by Moto Guzzi and capable of transforming it into a unique special. The scrambler tradition is observed perfectly: Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello stands out from the rest with its complete approved two-in-one Arrow exhaust unit that runs closely along the right hand side, fitted with ample heat shields, as well as with its beautiful long saddle with upholstery that is electrowelded and stitched to increase comfort for the rider and passenger with its special foam and low height off the ground. The spoked wheels on the V7 II Special mount must-have knobby tyres, also fully approved, ideal for riding on any type of road surface, whereas a typical pair of rubber guards can be found on the fuel tank.
Many of the parts are made in valuable and lightweight aluminium, such as the injector covers and the side panels, both anodised in black; the steel handlebars are also done in the same “dark matt” finish. The offroad look is completed by the fork dust boots, indispensable for protecting the stanchions from dust along adventurous routes and by the offroad footpegs kitfitted with aluminium extensions that provide better grip for the rider's soles during use on the road. The kit includes the rear brake terminal, also longer and made in aluminium. The number holders represent a widespread classic element on competition bikes from the ’70s era and already an element on the V7 II Racer with the number “7”, which for Moto Guzzi was dear to the 250 world champion Enrico Lorenzetti. There are three on the V7 II Stornello, made in satin finish aluminium and enhanced by a laser inscribed V7 II Stornello logo. The set of three number holders perfectly matches the fantastic pair of mudguards, also in hand brushed aluminium. These are probably one of the most prestigious and exclusive parts on the V7 II Stornello, true works of hand scribed art. The rich catalogue of original accessories also includes a set of stickers with the number “29”, designed specifically for the number holders and dedicated to the famous and unforgotten Moto Guzzi rider, “The Black Devil”, Omobono Tenni. 
The new Stornello was built on the excellent and popular technical base of the V7 II, the second generation of the brand's best selling motorcycle, the only one in its segment that comes standard with safety systems such as ABS and Moto Guzzi traction control that can be disengaged (MGCT), as well as a six speed gearbox. Moto Guzzi V7 II, whilst keeping the stylistic personality of the previous model intact, takes a decisive and concrete step forward in terms of technical features, the engine, ergonomics, safety, construction quality, trim and riding pleasure. The technical revamping begins with the engine: launched in 2012 with the thermal part, the electronic management and engine fuel system which then continued with a newalternator and the introduction of forced lubrication with an oil pump, on the V7 II it reaches a new and further development level. The by now famous transversal 90° V-twin engine now has a new six speed gearbox with the closer first and last two ratios capable of decreasing the drop in rpm between one gear and the other, decidedly smoother, quieter and with more precise engagement. For daily riding this means a quicker response when you twist the throttle and greater comfort (thanks in part to the changes made to make the clutch softer), with lower fuel consumption.
The change that provided exceptional benefits in terms of balance, riding pleasure and on board ergonomics represented by the repositioning of the powerplant, which was inclined 4° toward the front axle and lowered 10 mm compared to the previous model. The resulting new balance of the weights between the front and rear axles gives it a much more intuitive, easy and efficient ride in sport, where the V7 II, although not designed to aggressively tackle turns, is at the top of its class. The rear axle was also made more stable, increasing the negative shock absorber travel, obtained by lowering the cardan gearbox output 50 mm (which consequently made it necessary to change the lower cradle of the frame), obtaining greater tyre grip in load transferring, braking and direction changes.
Moving the engine also had benefits in terms of comfort: three more centimetres of knee room were gained which, thanks in part to the new 25 mm lower footpegs, provide a comfortable position even for taller than average riders. The numerous and important changes did not have the undesired consequence of increasing the overall weight, which to the contrary, is still one of the lowest in the category, all to the advantage of riding pleasure and vehicle management at a standstill.