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V7 II Special ABS

Of the V7 versions, this is the one that most approaches the original spirit of its ancestor, beginning from its graphics, christened “Essetre” (S3) and inspired by the famous 1975 V750 S3. Following this graphic concept, the V7 II now has two glossy color schemes: metallic red and light blue with a silver stripe.

The tank on both bears the historic embossed logo and the wheels, spoked with lightweight alloy rims, are also done in black finish instead of chrome. As with the Stone, the Special also has a new frame that stands out, besides for the different engine and shock absorber mounting distances, for an improved overall finish. Unlike the Stone and the Racer, the V7 Special has a fork stanchion protector instead of the dust boots that are fitted on the other models in the range.

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V7 II Special ABS
PRICE: $10,290


The Bike

Easy to ride.  Hard to stop riding.

V7 II is now safer thanks to the standard dual channel Continental ABS system and traction control (Moto Guzzi Controllo Trazione) and more enjoyable to ride thanks to a new 6 speed gearbox. The revised engine position and improved ergonomics have greatly enhanced riding comfort. Seat is now lower at 31.1 inches - 790 mm as opposed to the previous 31.6 in - 805mm, also the footpegs have been lowered to make room for taller riders. The new riding position lets the rider enjoy the full benefits of the changes that have been made to the chassis which have made the front end more precise and efficient. All these improvements contribute to fully meet expectations in terms of aesthetics and riding pleasure.

V7 II Special now has 2 new bright color scheme, Azzurro Essetre and Rosso Essetre, are inspired by ‘70s complemented by the contrast with new V7 II frame welding where brighter and deeper paint has been applied to enhance the ingenious architecture.
The rest of the bike is the perfect combination between caromed and blacked out parts, now also extended to the tail light assembly and the new brake and clutch levers. Chromed parts, spoked wheels, attention to detail, classic and timeless style for an identity that evolves whilst still remaining true to itself.

V7 – History of Evolution

This new model in the historic V7 range is trendy, agile, easy to customize with an array of accessories and features including the new 750cc, 90° V-twin engine that is more powerful and stays true to the characteristics of the Moto Guzzi tradition, that touring on a motorcycle at its most pure should be nothing but enjoyable.

The completely re-engineered engine still relies on the engineering that made the Moto Guzzi V750 a success among riders in 1977. Since then the engine has been continuously updated yet stays faithful to the original genial layout introduced by Italian engineer Lino Tonti in the 70s. While maintaining the classic transversal 90° V-twin configuration, the engine is now comprised of more than 70% new components.  Cutting-edge technological solutions improve functionality, provide greater torque and power even at low rpms, and make the V7 more efficient, with higher fuel economy and reduced emissions.

The fuel tank brings with it a superior metal construction is light and allows a record fuel capacity for a bike of this size with 5.8 gallons which, together with reduced consumption, ensures a range of up to 310 miles. This is further proof of the design philosophy that has guided the entire V7 family: engineering innovation is always intended to restore pleasure to the rider of gripping a real, resounding metal tank in true Moto Guzzi tradition.

The rest of the V7 design confirms the alchemy of tradition and modernism that was introduced in 2008 with the V7 Classic.  New lightweight, alloy wheels allow for a reduction in weight at the front and rear, translating to greater agility on the road and cruising through turns.

The Moto Guzzi V7 II Special ABS, prestigiously manufactured in the iconic Mandello Del Lario (Italy) factory, is now available in U.S. dealerships. 

As with all of Moto Guzzi’s on-road motorcycles, the V7 II Special ABS comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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